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R.W. Chew, LLC.

208 Virginia Street
Edgewater, FL 32132

15 Garfield Avenue
Bristol, RI 02809

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Article from Building Energy, Issue Fall 2012
Bob Chew reflects on the business value of NESEA.

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Chew Appointed to Rhode Island Renewable Energy Coordinating
Board Advisory Council

The Sun King
Bob Chew is passionate about solar power. It could make us energy independent, he says, if it weren't for clueless government decisions. Has his cause had its day in the sun?

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The Northeast's photovoltyaic market is catching up with California.
Bob Chew and his partners at SolarWrights talk about the upcoming opportunities for solar companies in the Northeast.

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Plans to Turn R.I. High-School Energy Green
Bryant University teams up with R.W. Chew to create a Roadmap to Net Zero Energy for Rhode Island schools.
Source: ecoRI

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Gone Fishing
Once lost at sea, solar subsidies are returning to Rhode Island

This article in Photon Magazine does a great job of documenting the rocky road that the renewable energy industry has had over the last five years. It also explains how recently passed legislation might restart the stalled renewable energy industry in Rhode Island and keep it on a solid footing going forward.
Source: Photon Magazine

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